Permanent Residence & Green Cards

If a foreign national wants to come to the United States to live permanently, he or she needs to obtain permanent residence. There are different ways to obtain permanent residence or a green card, but there are no differences in the benefits. Some of the benefits of having a green card are the ability to work or live in the US as long as desired, ability to travel freely in and out of the US, and the ability to eventually apply for US Citizenship. A green card holder must, however, maintain actual residence in the US and pay taxes on worldwide income. Green cards can be taken away if the holder violates certain criminal or immigration laws. A person who only intends to remain in the US temporarily should apply for a nonimmigrant visa instead of a green card. There are several different green card categories, each with its own eligibility requirements. Contact me for assistance in determining the best immigration strategy for your situation. Some of the green card categories are Immediate Relatives, Preference (family and employment), Lottery, Investors, Special Immigrants, Refugees and Political Asylees, Temporary Protected Status, Amnesty, Special Agricultural Workers, and Long Term Illegal Residents.

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