Nonimmigrant Visas

Nonimmigrant visas are issued for a specific purpose and are limited to performing that purpose within a specified time frame. They are temporary and do not directly lead to US citizenship. If a person wants to permanently stay in the US, they need to obtain a green card. If the US believes that a person who in the US on a nonimmigrant visa does not intend to leave, the visa is taken away and the person is removed. Therefore, it is very important to decide if a temporary or permanent stay is desired before applying for immigration benefits. All of the nonimmigrant visa categories have specific eligibility requirements.

Contact me for assistance in determining the best immigration strategy for your situation. Some of the visa categories are as follows:

A - Ambassadors, accredited officials, their family members and personal employees
B - Business and Tourist visitors
C - Foreign travelers
D - Crewmen needing to temporarily land in US
E - Treaty traders, investors and their families
F - Academic students and their families
G - Representatives of Foreign Governments and their family members
H - Temporary workers and Specialty occupations
I - Foreign press
J - Participants in study, work or training exchange programs and their family members
K - Fiances and Spouses of US citizens and their minor children
L - Intracompany transferees and their families
M - Vocational students and their family members
N - Children of special immigrants
O - Persons of extraordinary ability in arts, sciences, education, business, or athletics; their families and support staff
P - Entertainers and Athletes and their families
Q - Cultural Exchange Visitors and their families
R - Religious workers and their family members
S - Government witnesses and informants and their family members
T - Women and children who are victims of trafficking
U - Victims of criminal abuse
V - Spouses and children of green card holders, who meet certain criteria
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