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There are many different situations in which someone may wish to enter the United States. Some may only want to visit temporarily for business, education, or travel, while others hope to build a life in the country as a citizen or lawful permanent resident. 

The process of immigrating to the United States can be complex and intimidating. Our Hyattsville immigration lawyer has over 20 years of legal experience and is committed to helping individuals and families achieve their American Dreams. Our team at The Law Offices of Brian Williams offers personalized and attentive representation to our clients. When you come to us for guidance, we will review your goals and circumstances before helping you understand what immigration benefit you need and what you should expect during the application process. Our firm regularly handles cases involving naturalization, green cards, nonimmigrant visas, removal defense, and more

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Nonimmigrant Visas 

If you only wish to temporarily travel to the United States and are not interested in becoming a permanent resident, you will only need a nonimmigrant visa. Nonimmigrant visas are available for a variety of purposes, including education, travel, medical treatment, tourism, and temporary work. 

Nonimmigrant visas are almost always temporary in nature, and you must only use your visa for its intended purpose. If you wish to become a citizen or permanently remain in the country, you will need a green card. Should the United States government believe you have entered the country on a nonimmigrant visa under false pretenses and do not intend to leave, your visa may be revoked, and you will be placed in removal proceedings. 

Our team can assess your goals and advise what type of immigration strategy you should pursue to achieve them. We can determine your eligibility and guide you through the application process. 

Our Hyattsville Immigration attorney can assist you with the following types of nonimmigrant visas, including: 

  1. Ambassadors, accredited officials, and their families and personal employees 
  2. Business and tourist visitors 
  3. Foreign travelers 
  4. Crewmen needing to temporarily land in the U.S. 
  5. Treaty traders, treaty investors, and their families 
  6. Academic students and their families 
  7. Representatives of foreign governments and their family members 
  8. Temporary workers and workers in specialty occupations 
  9. Foreign press 
  10. Participants in study, work, or training exchange programs and their family members 
  11. Fiancés of U.S. citizens and minor children 
  12. Intracompany transferees and their families 
  13. Vocational students and their families 
  14. Children of special immigrants 
  15. Persons of "extraordinary ability" and their families and 
  16. personal employees 
  17. Entertainers, athletes, and their families 
  18. Cultural exchange visitors and their families 
  19. Religious workers and their families 
  20. Government witnesses, informants, and their families 
  21. Victims of human trafficking crimes 
  22. Victims of criminal abuse 
  23. Spouses and children of green card recipients who meet certain criteria 

Immigrant Visas And Green Cards 

If you wish to permanently live in the United States, you will need a green card, a visa that confers lawful permanent residency. As a lawful permanent resident, you will be able to live and work practically anywhere in the United States and enjoy certain privileges. You will also eventually become eligible for U.S. citizenship if you meet certain requirements. 

Obtaining a green card can be challenging. The most straightforward means of procuring this visa is through a sponsoring family member or employer. Even with a qualifying sponsor, the process can still be extremely complex and protracted. We can determine the best immigration strategy for your situation and guide you through each stage of the process. 

Our team can help you obtain a green card through: 

  • Family Sponsorship 
  • Employer Sponsorship 
  • A Qualifying Investment (EB-5 Visa) 
  • The Diversity Lottery 
  • Refugee or Political Asylee Status 
  • Temporarily Protected Status 
  • Special Agricultural Worker Status 
  • Amnesty 
  • Naturalization and Citizenship 

Citizens are safe from removal proceedings, have the right to vote, and can run for public office. "Naturalization" is the legal process through which a foreign national voluntarily becomes a permanent U.S. citizen. To initiate naturalization, you must first become a lawful permanent resident and meet certain requirements, including a mandatory waiting period of continuous and physical presence in the United States. You will also need to be determined to have "good moral character" and pass a citizenship exam with English and civics components. 

Our firm can help you prepare for the exam and assist you with navigating the naturalization process. We can also help you address any obstacles that may arise. 

Removal Defense 

The United States government may place you in removal proceedings if they believe you have violated an immigration law or are unlawfully present in the United States. Removal proceedings are typically commenced by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), often through its Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) division. Removal is often kicked off as a result of a tip or workplace raid. 

The government may not necessarily realize someone has overstayed an expired visa, for example, and will only act when they notice the discrepancy. Removal proceedings can also be initiated when an attempt to adjust one's immigration status fails, resulting in a foreign national no longer having valid status. 

At a removal hearing, an immigration judge will decide whether you deserve relief or whether a mistake was made. Understanding what types of relief are available and mounting a strong defense will be paramount in protecting your ability to remain in the country. 

Our Hyattsville immigration lawyer is prepared to meet all of your legal needs, including representation in removal proceedings. If you or a loved one has been detained, our team at The Law Offices of Brian C. Williams can diligently work to secure their release and obtain immigration relief. We will assess your unique circumstances and help you understand your defense options. 

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