A person who intends to remain in the US permanently, may want to consider the possibilities of applying for US Citizenship. Green card holders are allowed to stay in the US permanently, but do not have all of the benefits of citizenship. The most commonly discussed limitations of permanent residents are the fact that they are not allowed to vote or hold public office, but of equal importance is the fact that green cards may be revoked fairly easily. If a permanent resident has his or her green card revoked, they will be forced to leave the US. If a permanent resident violates certain criminal or immigration laws or is deemed to have abandoned their US residence, their green card can be taken away. Only in extremely rare situations will a person lose their citizenship. In most cases, a person must hold a green card for a specified time period before applying for naturalization. Sometimes, a person may be entitled to citizenship without realizing it. People who were born in the US or born outside of the US to US citizen parents are oftentimes entitled to citizenship. Contact me for assistance in determining the best immigration strategy for your situation.

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